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The Jutones or Jeutones were a barbarian tribe of humans that lived in what is now the Wasteland before the founding of the Empire.


About twenty years before the founding of the Empire, the Jutones lived in the forest of shadows. However, they were at war with the mighty Teutogens. Marius, their chieftain, decided to move the tribe west.[1] Those Jutones who did not leave became the Was Jutones of Nordland and Ostland.[2] Marius led the Jutones in a series of wars against the resident Fimir, who were finally defeated in -10 IC.[1]

The Jutones were determined not to become part of Sigmar's Empire, instead becoming the independent kingdom of Jutonsryk.[1][2] They built a new settlement on the ruins of elf settlement on the promintory that had become known as Namathir and which would quickly become a renowned trading hub with merchants from the southern lands and from lands beyond the Worlds Edge Mountains. [4a]

Sigmar sent emissaries to Marius seeking aid against the massive greenskin horde gathering east of Black Fire Pass, but all were rebuffed. Finally Marius sent Esterhuysen as an ambassador with an elf bow as a present but his regrets that he could spare no warriors. This enraged Sigmar, who broke the artefact over his knee and told Esterhuysen that there would be a reckoning once the orcs were defeated. [3a]

The defences of Jutonsryk were built up with solid walls and strong towers and as well as a powerful navy, Marius employed mercenary soldiers from the southern lands. In 1 IC, Sigmar marched on their city with a army of more than ten thousand warriors from the allied tribes and the Siege of Jutonsryk, which would last two years began. [4a]

However, they were conquered in 501 IC by Sigismund II and their land was absorbed into the existing province of Westerland.[1][2]

Known Chieftains


We stood with the Dwarfs as one that day. It was an unspoken code of honour that would not go unforgotten.

~ Chief Ragni of the Jeutones. [5a]


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