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Maedbh was a powerful warrior of the Asoborns tribe. [1a]


Tall, broad shouldered and naked but for a long cloak and war tattoos, [1a] she had fiery red hair. [3b]


After defeating the Norsii and Artur of the Teutogens, Sigmar travelled first to the Taleutens and then into the lands of the Asoborns seeking a sword oath from their queen, Freya. [1a] As his convoy of warriors and gifts moved through the grassland, they were suddenly confronted by several hundred female warriors who arose from the land all around them, led by Maedbh. [1b]

She blindfolded Sigmar and Wolfgart and led them to the queen, [1c] taking them back to the warriors once the alliance between the two tribes had been forged. Before they departed she grabbed Wolfgart and pulled him close for a passionate kiss, telling him to return in the summer to fasten hands and make strong children! [1d]

Wolfgart travelled to the land of the Asoborns that very winter and did not return until the spring, bearing a betrothal tattoo to Maedbh. [1e]

At the Battle of Black Fire Pass she drove the queens chariot, a throwing spear in her other hand. [1f]

In the Spring of 1 IC she gave birth to a daughter, Ulrike and Sigmar himself became her sword-guardian. [2a]

Following the siege her husband were appointed Captain of Arms in Reikdorf and this position, along with his his horse-breeding and investments suggested by Maedbh made him one of the wealthiest men in the growing city. Queen Freya also gifted them with an exquisite fire surround depicting a host of entwined trees. [2b]

As the years passed, she taught their daughter Ulrike to shoot from a moving chariot but grew apart from her husband, moving back to Three Hills. [3a] Wolfgart also questioned why Ulrike had to be trained for warrior, further angering Maedbh. [3b] Later when she was out training Ulrike and other teenagers in charioteering, the group was attacked by Dire Wolves [3c] but they managed to destroy them and she led the survivors back to Three Hills. [3d]

Queen Freya assembled her army and marched on the dead before they could attack Three Hills, leaving Maedbh in charge of the settlement and her two sons. [3e] A week later, Alaric the Mad arrived with a hundred warriors to tell her that the Queen had been defeated at the Battle of the River Aver and was likely dead. Maedbh gathered the remaining Asoborn and headed for Reikdorf. [3f]

Around 600 people formed a long column but on the fifth day of the march the dead caught up with them and Maedbh resolved to make a last stand rather than leave the very young and very old. Honouring his life-debt to Wolfgart, Alaric and his century of warriors stood with her at the Last Stand of the Asoborn. [3g] There she fought alongside her daughter but on the verge of being overwhelmed they were saved bu a cavalry charge led by Wolfgart and Sigmar.

Weapons and Equipment

She rode a chariot of lacquered black wood and bronze edging drawn by a pair or horses. [1d]


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