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Redwane was a warrior of the Unberogen tribe in the Time of Legends . [1a]


He was handsome with copper-coloured hair but [1a] his face was badly scared during the siege of Middenheim. [2c]


Redwane was born around -16 IC [1b] and as a youth quickly built a reputation as a womaniser [1b] and at Sigmar's coronation, he had to be pulled away from another mans wife by Maedbh before violence ensued. [1c]

After Pendrag became Count of Middenheim, Sigmar appointed Redwane as his banner bearer as the strongest member of the White Wolves. [1d] He foolishly made a jest about Wolfgart's wife whilst accompaning Sigmar to Marburg and was nearly killed for it by her husband. [1e] They rode out together to rescue Marika, sister of Count Aldred who had been given as a sacrifice to th Fimir - the Mist-Daemons of the marshes. [1f]

Redwane fought the Queen of the Fimir alongside Sigmar but recieving many wounds - following their victory Marika pledeged to nurse him back to health. He also told Sigmar that Marika was no virgin [1g] who ensured that henceforth Cradoc acted as a chaperone with the couple. [1h] Later he carried Sigmar's banner for several years at the Siege of Jutonsryk, maturing as he saw so much death. [1i]

He accompanied Sigmar, Pendrag and Myrsa when they led six hundred warriors into the Middle Mountains to seek and destroy the Necromancer Morath which resulting in the Battle of Brass Keep. [2f] During the battle, Sigmar was nearly overcome by magic but the howling of Pendrag, Redwane and their remaining warriors as they charged to join him broke the spell of despair. [1j]

He accompanied Sigmar on his campaign of vengeance against the Roppsmenn but as the brutality continued under the Dragon Banner the Emperor had raised, he, like many of the army became sullen and sorrowful at what they were doing. Finally as Sigmar commanded him to taken the White Wolves and ride down the last remnants of the tribe, he refused. It was only the intervention of Pendrag that prevented Sigmar from attacking him but he at last relented and ordred the army to return home. [1k]

During the Siege of Middenheim he swung his hammer at the Bloodthirster and when it shattered , red-hot iron shards tore into his face. [2c]

After the siege, Redwane remained in the city, he and his White Wolves forming an honour guard to the Warrior Eternal Myrsa. [2a]

Count Myrsa dispatched them to the mining town of Kruken to capture Torbrecan who was leading a large band of fanatics spreading doom and disease across the new Empire. [2b] As the dead rose against the Empire, Redwane was outraged that Myrsa and Ar Ulric refused to march to Reikdorf to aid Sigmar against the gathering hordes of Nagash as they were tasked with safeguarding Middenheim. He angrily defied them, resigning from the White Wolves and leaving the city. [3a]


Don't you worry about me. I can handle any trouble that comes my way.

~ Redwane to Wolfgart and Pendrag. [1c]


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