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The Wild Hunt thunders through Athel Loren and often outside the forest every midsummer. It is led and initiated by Orion, the king of the woods. At midnight the forest goes utterly silent and trembles in fear, not a creature stirs, for all know that the ride of the Wild Hunt has come. Every Wood Elf and Forest Spirit alike feels the pull of the savage hunt, and many are overcome by the primal urge to join it.

The first Wild Hunt occured during the Winter of Woe when Orion and Ariel first became living aspects of Kurnous and Isha. Orion slaughtered a massive Greenskin horde which had invaded Athel Loren and enroached upon the Oak of Ages itself.

The nature of the Wild Hunt or its aim is unknown, some conclude though that it is just for the sake of the hunt, being led by the avatar of the Hunting God himself. Whatever its purpose it is a dangerous time when it thunders through Athel Loren and anyone with any sense will either utterly avoid it, or join it.


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