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The Ostagoths or the Ostagoth were an ancient human tribe who settled in what would become the Empire.[1a]

They did not build cities as their settlements had to be able to quickly packed away and transported on wagons. [3a]


Around -4 IC they were attacked by a vast horde of Orcs & Goblins, sacking settlements and slaughtering all with the forces that King Adelhard mustered simply swept aside by the greenskins. Rallying all the warriors he could Adelhard dispatched Galin Veneva and all the remaining non-combatants to seek shelter with and aid from King Sigmar and the Unberogens. He also gave Galin Ostvarathto make a sword-oath which Sigmar accepted but returned as Adelhard would have need of it in the future. [1a]

In the summer of 1 IC, Sigmar called for a great muster against Marius of the Jutones and with their allies, he marched on him with a combined force of around 10,000 warriors, Galin Veneva leading a contingent of shaven headed bowmen. [2a]

When Nagash invaded the newly created Empire in search of his crown, Count Adelhard waged a hit and run war against the dead who were unable to focus on them. [3a]


  • Adelhard: King in the time of Sigmar. [1a]
  • Ostvarath: The ancient sword of the Ostagoth kings. [1a]


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