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Astofen was a town of the Unberogens in what would become the Empire. [1a]

It was located amongst low hills alongside a river. [1a]


Astofen was surrounded by a thick wooden palisade with towers at each corner and hoardings that protected a walkway and gave a good firing position for spear throwing. [1a]


When Sigmar was a youth, the chieftain, Eadhelm [1c] was a distant cousin of the king Björn. [1b]


The town was attacked by Orcs & Goblins leading to the Battle of Astofen Bridge. [1a] After the comprehensive defeat of the greenskins, the town welcomed the surviving warriors for a victory feast of fine beer and choice meats. [1b] Eadhelm also pledged to send warriors if King Björn needed them. [1c]


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