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Miska is a Knight-Incantor of the Anvils of the Heldenhammer Stormhost and second in command of the Grave Brethren Sacrosanct Chamber of Balthas Arum. [1a]

She can command and calm the spirits of storm and sky, and is said to be able to sing a wrathful soul to peaceful slumber. [1a]


She is tall and slim with hair the colour of molten silver and pale, hard features and she retains a faint accent from her mortal life. [1a]

She is a friend of Zeraphina Heldensdotter of the Hammers of Sigmar. [1e]


Almost all of the time that she had served under him, Balthas had delegated much of his responsibility to her and she acted as an intercessor between him and those he commanded. Miska herself acknowledged that she had to a certain extent encouraged this behaviour as it could be simpler to work around Balthas, rather than include him as he had little interest in anything he perceived as tedious. [1c]

In the wake of the Necroquake she accompanied her lord Balthas Arum to Glymmsforge to help defend the city.[1d]


I know my name, brother. I know the feel of ice, weighing down my furs, and the sound of sled-runners ­biting the ice. I know the taste of a deer’s heart, steaming and still bloody, on a cold morning. I know the songs of my brothers and the way my father taught a bear to dance, to the delight of our village. I know all these things and hold them close in me. Were I to fall in battle, I do not know that any could take them from me, easily. I, too, might lash out on instinct, if it seemed I might lose myself in the pain of reforging.

~ Miska to Balthas.[1b]


In the Soul Wars novel both Zeraphina and Miska are described as Mage-Sacristans but according to the author this was because unit names changed between the book going to print and the boxed set being finalised.[2]