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A settlement in the Oblast

The Oblast is the broad, empty frozen land, punctuated by rivers, small settlements and raiding bands that makes up most of Kislev. [1a]


The oblast is home to innumerable minor and weak spirit of little intellect who are capable of little more than making noises and moving small objects short distances. They also seem to ignore groups of travellers, preferring to target lone individuals. For every tale of a traveller lured to his doom by the sounds, there are just as many stories of inexplicable bells waking one in time to avoid them becoming a meal for wolves. [1a]


  • Bolsgrad: A large Town in East Oblast with recurrent problems with the Undead and whose Temple of Morr is therefore very popular. [1a]
  • Enisov: A village in the South Oblast, nestled in a valley, overlooked by brooding fortress, the abode of its boyar, Stepan Krasnyi. [1a]
  • Fedokova’s Isle: Site of a ancient battle where a group of Kossars and Winged Lancers were killed in a last stand and still defend it as ghosts. [1a]
  • Krasicyno: A town of North Oblast where a major battle was fought in the Storm of Chaos. [1a]
  • Milkavala: A small town of West Oblast whose Temple of Dazh has maintained a genuine eternal flame for decades. [1a]
  • Ruins: The ruins of ancient and long forgotten civilisations can be found across the Oblast, they are often dangerous. [1a]
    • Rose Ruins: Squat stone structures built for a people, shorter than Humans but taller than Dwarfs. Although there are a still some smashed statues lying around, no one has been able to put together enough to make any reasonable creature. The ruins gain their name from the creeping, deep red roses that grow over the stone and which have unusually long thorns. [1a]
  • Sepukzy: Large Ungol town in East Oblast with no permanent Gospodar residents. [1a]
  • Urszebya: A sacred valley in East Oblast dotted with many standing stones and where Ursun is said to have taken a bite out of the world, leaving some of his teeth behind. A major battle was fought here during the Storm of Chaos. [1a]
  • Vitevo: Bleak salt mining community and prison in the South Oblast. [1a]
  • Volksgrad: The last major settlement in East Oblast before the High Pass and, thus, the place where outbound caravans to Cathay re-supply. [1a]
  • Zavstra: A town of West Oblast on the border with the Empire. [1a]
  • Zoishenk: A large cattle town of North Oblast on the Tobrol River. [1a]
  • Zvenilev: A remote fortress in North Oblast populated almost entirely by the chekist and a handful of ice witches. [1a]


Although it appears much the same, Kislevites roughly divide the area into north, south, east, and west oblasts, as well as Troll Country in the northwest. [1a]


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