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Jhared the Red or Jhared Longstrider[2a] was the first true Ogre Hunter.[1a]

His story is told to encourage all Ogres to tolerate those different from themselves. [1a]


When his father, Huhgr Loudgut discovered that his son was the runt of the litter, covered from head to toe in red hair he flung him out into the snow to die. [1a]

The infant survived the first few hours and crawled into the den of a suckling Sabretusk mother, joining her other cubs. He grew strong and when he reached maturity threw the pack leader from a cliff to become the dominant male. They soon became legendary in the nearby valleys.[1a]

Eventually he returned home with a score of the huge cats and entered the feast hall, blocking the entrance with a boulder. There Jhared and his pack hunted and devoured all of the ogres including his true father. [1a]


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