Ghark Ironskin

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Ghark Ironskin is the Ogre Tyrant of the Ironskin Tribe. [1a]


As a whelp he was smashed over the head for eating too slowly and one of the nails in the club embedded itself in his head, remaining there to this day, rusting slowly. He has since developed an obsession for iron, which has now spread throughout his tribe. [1a]

Ghark was the first Ogre to batter a Bull Rhinox into submission, his former steed, Bladehorn. Bulls of his tribe, as a coming-of-age feat seek to repeat his success, though the techniques used remain a closely guarded secret. [1a]

He built an alliance with the Chaos Dwarfs of Zharr-Naggrund, providing them with slaves and gold in exchange for iton. After Bladehorn was killed by knights of Bretonnia, they provided him with a mechanical rhinox of rune-etched chains, a deamon-fuelled enhine and hissing pistons. Although it obeys every command, he still bashes it over the head now and again, for old times sake. [1a]

Weapons and Equipment

  • 6th Edition: Hand Weapon, Ironfist, Iron Rhinox, Ironskin Armour. [1b]
  • Iron Rhinox: A monstrous machine whose attacks are magical and which breathe sulphurous steam on enemies. [1b]
  • Ironskin Armour: A collection of metal scavenged from the many foes he has defeated, it is reinforced by a protective rune that cost a small mountain of gold. [1b]



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