Red Fist Tribe

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The Red Fist Tribe are an Ogre Tribe of the Ogre Kingdoms in the Mountains of Mourn [1a]


When the great horde of Tamurkhan entered their domain, their Tyrant, Karaka Breakmountain could not allow such an intrusion without a violent response. He orderd a rough barricade of boulders, brush and man traps built across the pass they must traverse and prepared his warriors for battle. [1a]

The initial wave of Kurgan riders was quickly thrown back in disarray forcing the Chaos Warriors of Alvas Hurl, cultists and Chaos Spawn to engage but each was thrown back by the power of the ogre defence, the horde unable to bring its weight of numbers to bear. Frustrated and angry, Tamurkhan delared he would slay the defiant Tyrant himself and marched forward with the Nurgle-sons - his bodyguard, his Toad Dragon Bubebolos roaring a challenge as the charged the defenders. [1a]

Finally the two leaders faced each other in a brutal fight that ended with the badly wounded Tamurkhan relinquishing his battered body and boring into the throat of the huge Ogre. Taking control of the powerrful body, the Champion of Nurgle claimed the Red Fist Tribe as his own. [1a]

Many of the tribe were then inducted into the ways of the Great Plague Father, becoming mutated, corrupted Plague Ogres. [1b]


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