Mournfang Cavalry

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Mournfang Cavalry

Mournfang Cavalry are the end result of Ogres trying to break the Mournfangs, the wild boars that inhabit the caves inside the Mountains of Mourn. It took whole centuries for the Ogres to figure out how, but their power makes it worth it. Firstly, the Mournfangs boost the already formidable speed of an Ogre, which, when combined with the weight of the beast and its rider, literally crushes several enemies per beast before the regiment even has time to notice. A split second later, real punishment starts when Mournfang tears warriors apart with its giant tusks. Sometimes the Ogres might not even have time to use their prized clubs or ironfists! Far more often, though, there are enough foes to exercise their favourite weapons on the rest of the battered troop, chasing down anyone trying to run, leaving nothing but trampled corpses behind.[1]



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