Rock Skulls Tribe

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The Rock Skulls Tribe are a famously tough Ogre Tribe of the Ogre Kingdoms. [1a]

They are frequently the winners at the boulder-butting contests at the Great Feast but perhaps because of this they are also the least intelligent of the ogres. Consequently they are often swindled or tricked. [1a]


A number of Rock Skull Ogres were enlisted by the Night Goblin Warlord Skarsnik to fight against the Dwarfs at Karak Eight Peaks. However they were so bewildered during the contract talks, they ended up paying the Goblin for the honour of joining the fight! [1a]


  • Blogg Crusherguts: A Bruiser who perfected an attacking move of hurling his huge body into the line of battle with such force it sounded like a beefy thunderbolt. [1b]


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