Bashar Zog

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Bashar Zog, the Scourge of the East is a Ogre Tyrant who proclaimed himself Over Tyrant. [1]


A gigantic Ogre, armoured in metal with a vast gut, his shoulders almost as wide as a Rhinox. [1b]


He claimed to have been born from the Great Maw itself, destined to unite all the Ogre tribes. [1a]

When he defeated another tribe he would kill any females too old for breeding, the half grown, any Gnoblars and even their animals. [1a]

Zog marched on the great underground settlement of Skabrand and when the tribes gathered there met him on the battlefield, he gave them a simple ultimation. [1b] He ordered his much larger force forward and the battle began yet as they began to gain the upper hand, a horde of Gorgers suddenly fell upon their rear ranks, ripping and devouring anything they could reach. Although Zog's Ogres and greenskins kept fighting for some time but eventualy the brutal pressure from two distinct sides was too much and the army broke and ran as the gorgers fell upon the fallen. [1c]

Zog himself abandoned his armour and led the survivors of his tribe up into the mountains, but he was not aware that Krom was following, plotting his vengeance. [1d]


Destroyer of the Plains, Mouthpiece of the Great Maw and Over Tyrant of the North. [1b]


Clans of the west. Join me now and live. Oppose Me, and die.

~ Bashar Zog to the gathered tribes of Skabrand. [1b]


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