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Rhinox Riders are powerful Ogre Kingdoms cavalry. [1a]

Most Rhinox Riders are from the Ironskin Tribe. [1b]

Gaining a Rhinox

In the Mountains of Mourn, Ogre Bulls will hunt an adolescent Rhinox as it challenges another of its kind. [1a] As the victor is usually wounded and exhaunsted it gives a lone Ogre the chance to attack and subdue such a dangerous creature. [1b]

The Bull leaps upon the back of Rhinox, attempting to dire out the resulting frenzy of bucking and bellowing that follows. Any that fall off usually end up being gored and devoured by their quarry but some are successful. A victorious ogre must remain in the saddle , steering it with his club until it accepts him. [1b]

Rhinox of War

Many young bulls now take the mercenary path, joining with a few other youths with their own Rhinox and knowing that a fortune can be made as the heaviest shock cavalry in the world. The great beast they ride can carry all their possessions and any loot that they gain in battle. [1b]

Weapons and Equipment

  • 6th Edition: Light Armour, Ogre Club, Rhinox. May have Ironfist. May swap Light Armour for Heavy Armour. May have Musician, Standard Bearer, Thunderlord. May have Magic Banner. Rhinox may be upgraded to Bull Rhinox.[1c]



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