Groth Onefinger

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Groth Onefinger was the first Ogre to see an manifestation of the Great Maw.[1a]

Butchers across the Ogre Kingdoms still honour him as the first great prophet and burn themselves in his name. [1a]


Before the cataclysm that struck the Ogre homelands, he was seen as mad when he proclaimed that the Maw was coming. In the disaster, he was brutally burned and lost his eyelids, lips, ears, nose and all but one finger but rose up to lead the survivors of his tribe towards the impact crater. [1a][2a]

There in -2749 IC [2b] they found the Great Maw itself, temporarily sated by the thousands of ogres it had already consumed and it accepted their worship. Groth rejoiced and slaughtered several of his kin to hold a feast. [1a][2a]


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