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Great-King-Lord Bezer was the principle Gnoblar of Greasus Goldtooth. [1a]

He was blessed with a huge nose and equally large floppy ears. [1a]


Partly due to his cunning and partly due to his appearance he became the favoured pet of the Overtyrant. [1a]

Knowing that he was resented by the other gnoblars that served Greasus, he worked hard to fuel infighting between them and this came to a head one morning when fighting broke out in the larder. This delayed the Overtyrant's third breakfast and enraged Greasus who quickly had all his servants save Bezer crushed to death. [1a]

The power of Bezer continued to grow and soon he held sway over two and half tribes of his kind, receiving trinkets and clothing as tribute. Unfortunately one night whilst he was cleaning his masters nightbowl, the Overtyrant staggered in drunk and collapsed over it, killing Bezer. [1a]


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