Braugh Slavelord

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Braugh Slavelord is a infamous Ogre slaver and former Maneater.[1a]

He is known to the Chaos Dwarfs as Ghrask Dragh - the Corpse-slaver.[1a]


As a Maneater travelling through the Old World, Braugh was captured and imprisoned by a Necromancer. However he broke free, and beat his captor to death with a chair before skinning him to keep as a trophy.[1a]

He ate half of the other slaves and dragged the rest away, using enchanted chains ripped from the walls of the dungeon. The metal was imbued with necromantic magic and so even when slaves die of exhaustion, they are not freed as their spirit remains enslaved. Now Braugh is able to offer, for the right price, a small army of walking dead and ghosts. [1a]


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