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Jarmoosh is a Ogre Tyrant. [1]



He was employed as a bodyguard by the merchant Franz de Hansebourg travelling to Pig Barter to trade goods from the Old World for silk from Cathay. His eight year old daughter Katerina de Hansebourg become quite attached to Jarmoosh often riding with him. [1a] However as they were returning home, the caravan was attacked by a horde of Goblins and Jarmoosh, fulfilling his promise to her father, scooped her up and strode away from the battle. [1b]

Years later, as the Tyrant of his own tribe he travelled to Skabrand for the great snow feast to gather allies to fight against Bashar Zog. [1c] At that point he had a dozen healthy Bulls following him, a brood of females and a sizable herd of Rhinoxen. [1d]

Yotshak received a vision from the Skabrand Maw that Jarmoosh's path and that of the other tribe Tyrants gathered at Skabrand either led to the death of Zog, or their own. As the Tryant prepared for the coming conflict he asked that Florin d'Artaud and his companions take her home in case he lost. [1e]

He ventured out alone and ahead of his tribe as they marched for the mountains and there he captured several Goblin scouts he had a new idea, using them as an initial offering to the large group of Gorgers he was seeking to aid him in forthcoming battle. [1f] He blindfolded them to protect their eyes from the sun and used the goblins as lures to bring them to the surface where they caught the scent of the carnage that had begun. He then followed the great mass of starving orge-kin to the battle. [1g]

Zog's larger force of Ogres and greenskins had been gaining the upper hand, the gorgers tore into them and although they kept fighting for some time eventualy the brutal pressure from two distinct sides was too much. The eastern army broke and ran as the gorgers fell upon the fallen. [1h]



Brothers, I come to take you to a feeding ground that would make the Great Maw belch.

~ Jarmoosh to the Gorgers. [1f]


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