Plague Toad

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Plague Toad

Plague Toads are Daemons of Nurgle which naturally dwell in a great lagoon at the heart of his garden. [1a]

They are also known as the sewer-kin or rot-eaters. [2a]

Some say they are Plaguebearers that failed to tally correctly [1a] whereas others claim they are Nurglings grown to huge bloated size. [2a]

They wallow happily in the excrement-choked silt of the lakes shoreline but if their god is in a bad mood, it waddles down to the lake and squashes the toads until the blood and pleasing patterns restores his good humour. [1a]

The loud damp squelch it makes when trod on alerts other toads who seek bolt holes to escape Grandfathers sight and foot. If possible they escape in the mortal world to dwell in sewers, swamps or other noisesome locations.[1a][2a] It is here that followers of Nurgle can find and bind them to their will as they can be lured by the prospect of feasting on uncorrupted flesh. [2a]

Pox Riders

Plaguebearers capture and use them as reluctant mounts forming the vanguard of Daemon armies. [2b]

Weapons and Equipment

  • 8th Edition: Tainted Horn and Vile Tongue (Poisoned Hand Weapon). [2c]




Words simply cannot express the full horror of the beast. Its pustulent hide was distressing enough to behold, but the smell? It was less an odour than a malefic spirit in its own right. I don't believe I shall ever be free of it.

~ High Elf Prince Yvrec of Lothern.[1a]


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