Battle of the River Reik

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Battle of the River Reik
Conflict Sigmar's War against Nagash
Date Time of Sigmar
Outcome Victory for The Empire
The Empire Undead of Nagash
Sigmar Nagash
Approx 15,000. [1h] plus approx 20,000 reinforcements. [1x] Approx 30,0000. [1h] plus more dead raised during the battle. [1t]

First Moves

The Undead of Nagash marched on Reikdorf to retrieve his Crown beneath a storm with chain lightning flashing across the clouds. When his vast horde arrived before the city, Nagash conjured a magical wind that billowed around the Ostgate, shattering stone and rotting the gates with a ghostly whisper that all within heard - Man is cattle. [1a]

Khaled and two vampire rode forth, [1c] taunting Freya but revealing that he feared extinction as much as any mortal. He offered Sigmar and the other leaders a clean death and rebirth as a vampire if they surrendered the Crown of Nagash, [1d] revealing that he had turned both Count Markus and Count Siggurd. [1e]


Sigmar made a speech at the heart of his city before leading the huge mass of men and women, young and old, out of the cirty to face the dead. At the ruined Ostgate, High Priestess Alessa gave him the Crown of Nagash. [1f]

Sigmar led a block of around three hundred heavy cavalry and the infantry in wedge formation deployed behind this and a second block around the same size, more cavalry and Freya's remaining chariots on the flanks. [1g] Nagash was enraged when he saw that Sigmar wore his crown, unleashing a storm of dark magic that cracked the sky causing a cold rain to fall even as he consumed nearby undead. [1i] Sigmar took his company and aimed directly at the Great Necromancer. [1h]

The first ranks of the dead that Sigmar's charge hit disintegrated from the force of impact, hundreds more destroyed as the living pushed towards Nagash. [1k] Freya led her Asoborn chariots and infantry to engage the Dire Wolves and ghouls to prevent them flanking [1l] but as they fought a huge wolf destroyed the Queens chariot, flinging her out and knocking her unconscious. [1m]

Leodan led the Red Scythes to cut deep into the dead infantry but his cavalry force was in turn charged by hundreds of Black Knights and they fought, Krell arrived, unhorsing Leodan and shattering his led before he began to slaughter the Scythes.[1n] Alfgeir also charged home through the zombies but found his advance was slowed by the skeletons who retained some of their battle skills and then he was attacked by Markus. [1o]

Maedbh and the other Asoborn gathered to defend the Queen [1p] as Sigmar fought his way deeper into the dead, drawing closer to Nagash. [1q] Disquieted a little by the living resistance, Khaled left Nagash to attack the northern flank whilst Alfgeir fought Markus, losing his arm but then imbued with the power of Ulric, he beheaded the vampire. [1r]

The dead began to flank the main shield wall and advance on the mass of common people which included the twelve year old Daegal who had broken and ran at the Battle of the River Aver. This time however the fear was overwhelmed with anger, fighting hard and killing a dozen enemies with as many blows. Although hundreds of citizens were quickly slain, he rallied the rest with the blue and red rags tied to his spear and they drove the enemy before them. [1s]

The Asaborn shield wall held against the dead fighting to reach their fallen queen, allowing her time to re-join the fight but then Siggurd arrived, slaughtering his way towards her but he was overwhelmed by a great mob led by Daegal and forced to flee. The survivors began to retreat to Reikdorf itself. [1t]

Alaric and his Dwarfs engaged Krell who was enraged by his old enemy but found his armour being shattered by their blows even as he killed them. Alaric leapt on his back, grabbing an exposed rib but found he could not let go, at the same time Govannon sent his son to tell Alaric the Thunder Bringer was ready to fire. Alaric hacked his own hand off and leapt clear as the gun fired and a blizzard of iron shot assailed Krell. [1t]

Sigmar was still forcing his way towards Nagash, his accompanying cavalry now less than a hundred in number and the Necromancer unable to use his magic directly against the Emperor caused even more of the dead to rise. [1t] Even in Reikdorf, the dead began to claw that way up out of the ground. [1u] Sigmar now moved on alone, telling Wolfgart to take Wenyld to safety. [1v]

Nagash showed Sigmar a possible future, the soldiers of his Empire killing men, women and children in Sigmar's name, telling him that a world of the dead is a world at peace. Yet Sigmar denied him and they fought, the crown still protecting him for the most part from the necromantic magic of Nagash. [1w]

As Nagash finally seemed about to overpower him, a great roar of defiance filled the air as tens of thousands of howling men and women arrived. Led by Redwane, the smashed into and through the dead an were followed by thousands of mail clad warriors led by Count Otwin and together they destroyed the entire northern flank of the dead. [1x]

Sigmar threw down the crown and prepared to smash it with Ghal Maraz and as Nagash tried to save it he dealt the Great Necromancer a mighty blow, ploughing deep into his chest. Runes flared on the hammer and Nagash shrieked in horror and his body exploded in a great wash of frozen fire and black light. The army of the dead immediately faded away across the battlefield and the entire Empire. [1x]

Khaled managed to survive the blast and with the injured Siggurd, made his way towards Sigmar, seeking the Crown for himself from the injured Emperor. However, as Sigmar turned to face him, Khaled knew that if he took another step he would be ended and so he fled. The Battle was over. [1y]

Order of Battle




Undead of Nagash


Together we will defeat the legion of Nagash. We will send him screaming to the underworld that waits to consume him. Rally people of the Empire! Rally to me and fight!

~ Sigmar.[1f]


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