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Ulfshard is a powerful and ancient magical sword created by the Elves and later used by the kings of the Endals. [1a]


A blue gem burns at the tip of the swords pommel, its hilt wound with bright silver wire. [1a]


It is said to have been created when Daemons walked in the world of mortals and humans were primitive cave-dwellers. [1a]

King Marbad discovered the sword whilst exploring a cavern beneath the black rock in Marburg and he found a magically hidden chamber whose enchantments had faded. It had been unsheathed and stabbed deep into the rock and around it were some Dwarf bones together with a few clothes, books and gold coins. [2a]

During the Battle of Black Fire Pass, King Marbad rode to the aid of Sigmar who was beset by a huge Troll that had survived blows from Ghal-Maraz, its flesh quckly healing from the strikes. The King hurled Ulfshard to the Unberogen king and he used the sword, trailing blue fire to decapitate the beast with a great surge of power. [1b]


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