Valmir von Raukov

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Valmir von Raukov, Elector Count of Ostland.
Boris von Raukov, captain of the 4th Nuln Halberdiers.

Valmir von Raukov, officially titled Elector Count Valmir von Raukov, Grand Prince of Ostland, Margrave of the Northern March, and Hammer of the East[1b] is the current Elector Count of Ostland[2][3][4][5].


At the head of his armies he has fought against bandits, barbaric Orcs and Goblins, savage Beastmen, seaborne Norse raiding parties and marauding Chaos warbands. He is widely considered one of the most warlike leaders of The Empire.

Due to unknown reasons the count joined the cult of Sigmar[6]. His conversion led to some unrest inside his province as the majority of the Ostlanders are devout followers of Ulric[6].

It is rumoured that he had several romantic affairs which produced several sons and daughters, but none of them have been publicly acknowledged[7a]. The count had a romantic relationship with Anastasia, a simple tavern wench working in the city of Altdorf[6], as well as with a Kislevite ambassadress.[1a]

His political marriage with Ivana produced two sons:

  • Vassily, his eldest son and heir apparent.
  • Oleg, who resembled his father in spirit and temperament.

However a recent Chaos incursion led to the disappearance of his wife and to the death of Oleg, his favourite son[7b].

Boris von Raukov

Boris von Raukov is reportedly Valmir's eighth son, probably illegitimate. He left Ostland to pursue a military career. He is currently the captain of the 4th Nuln Halberdiers, a mercenary regiment based in the city of Nuln[8].