Zombie Dragon

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Zacharias the Everliving riding on a Zombie Dragon

Zombie Dragons are vast undead Dragons, insane and insatiably hungry for the souls of the living. [1a]


In ages past, dying Dragons went to their final rest on the Plain of Bones but following the casting of the Great Awakening by Nagash many of these huge corpses arose and began to prowl in search of prey. Although the spell was broken and they collapsed back, they can still be awoken by potent magic but only a great lord of the undead can hope to command such a beast.[1a]

Weapons and Equipment

Besides their fangs and talons, the Zombie Dragon can breathe out a cloud of black poisonous vapour. They retain their tough scales and are surrounded by a huge cloud of flies that can make it more difficult for enemies to land a blow upon them. [1a]