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Cirienvel was a Wardancer of Athel Loren who was tricked by Slaanesh into releasing Daemons.[1]

Stories of her pride and the dire consequences are still recounted by the wardancer bands. [1a]


by the year 1203 IC [1b] She had become famed for her almost unmatched skill in dance but still she prayed to Loec, the patron of Wardancers tp grant her skill beyond all of her peers. Her call for aid went on for weeks until the god seemed to reply in the form of a handsome stranger who visited her in her dreams and told her to seek the Casket of Dreams. [1a]

Consulting with Naieth upon waking, the Prophetess forbade her to enter the Vaults of Winter but the young wardancer did not listen. She managed to slip by the guardian Dryads, entering the icy caverns where many malign artefacts lurked. Cirienvel managed to reach her prize and opened the box, receiving the power within but she was then forced to flee. [1a]

That very night she danced in the King's Glade before an audience of thousands - so fast were her movements that she seemed to leave blurred afterimages behind her in impossible poses. Soon, their true nature as Daemonettes became clear as they fully manifested and began to attack the onlookers. As the battle raged about her, Cirienvel continued to dance, still gathering in pace. It was only when Naieth destroyed the Casket that the wardancer collapsed and all the daemons were banished from the mortal world. [1a]

Although she survived, Cirienvel could no longer dance, her movements now painful and stiff and they would remain so for the rest of her life. [1a]


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