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Gyferth of the Oak Glades was a Prince of the Wood Elves, a deadly and arrogant warrior, he would assist Athelwyn in stealing holy artifacts from Bretonnia.


Gyferth took part in the lauded "Tourney of Quenelles", part of a ploy to distract the Bretonnians and steal the holy artifacts in their possession. The Elves announced that they dueled to the death and the Bretonnians were honour-bound to comply. Gyferth was able to withstand and defeat the young Knight Gaufrey de Quercy, killing him outright.

The other Bretonnian Knights had performed as well as Gyferth, in the end both sides had equal dead and the tourney was declared a draw. As the Bretonnians mourned their dead the Wood Elves snuck into the tourney tent, and made off with the sacred Chalice of Chanterelle, a relic of great significance to the Bretonnian people. Gyferth fled alongside Athelwyn and his army into Athel Loren, with the chalice in their possession they headed to the sacred Tree of Shields.

The Bretonnians however, were not going to allow the Elves to flee, Aloys de Montjoie Baron of [[Quenelles and mighty Grail Knight, led an army to reclaim what was theirs. This ultimately ended with a great battle at the Tree of Shields, as Aloys fought Athelwyn another great knight rode into the center of the glade. The noble Agravain de Beau Quest. Standing alone amidst the glade, Gyferth fought furiously against the young knight. The Elf Prince was in every way a worthy foe, but nonetheless fell to Agravain's lance, the final obstacle in the knight's quest for the Grail.

Weapons and Abilities

Gyferth was a skilled and deadly warrior, acting as a personal champion for Athelwyn of Athel Loren.

Gyferth owned the Jade Amulet, a potent magical trinket.


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