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Gwercus was a Treeman of Athel Loren [1a] and the Gaurdian of the sacred Willow Glades for the Kindred of the Willows. [1d]

There was nothing that iritated him more than noise - especially the sound of axes cutting into tree flesh! [1d]


He was extremely old and was consulted by the kindred who saw him as a living god and protector. [1d]

His winter slumber was distrubed by a Bretonnian pilgrimage and he and his attendant Dryads reacted savagely [1a] suddenly emerging from the forest to fall upon the travellers. [1b]

During the battle, the Damsel Eleanor de Quenelles rooted him to the spot by calling upon the Lady of the Lake [1b] and no matter how muich he raged against her magic he could not break free of her spell. [1c]

Finally he let out a mournful wail of despair which was taken up by all the nearby Wood Elves and the Bretonnians, expecting death, uttered their last prayers only to discover that they had been delivered and the mighty treeman was now just another tree. The sacred relics of the Bretonnians had entered the sacred glade, their cold iron holiness banishing the tree spirits.[1c]

He has never moved or spoken since. [1c]


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