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Wydrioth, the Pine Crags is a realm in eastern Athel Loren. It is ruled by Lord Findol, an especially bloodthirsty Wood Elf, and Lady Evelyne. Because of its close proximity to the Grey Mountains, the Pine Crags see more frequent Dwarf and Greenskin raids and invasions. Because of this, the elves of Wydrioth have made citadels and defenses out of the vegetation, with tunnels and walkways connecting them. This huge defensive network has been the doom of many upstart warlords hoping to claim new territory.

Known Features

  • The Sylamel Tree
  • The Tears of Isha
  • The Halls of
    • Tal Jul-finel
    • Tal Varigan
    • The Crag Halls of Findol
  • The Temples of