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Athelwyn of Athel Loren was a deadly Wood Elf prince and Highborn who whilst seeking to reclaim long lost artifacts, he ignited a brutal conflict between himself and the forces of Quenelles. [1]


Athelwyn had heard of ancient relics in posesion of the Bretonnian people of Quenelles, the young prince went against his elders wishes and set off to claim glory. During the annual Quenelles tournament, Athelwyn and his fellow Highborn attended as guests in order to steal the artifact.

On their arrival, the Elves announced that they wished to participate in order to recover the relics [1a] and the Castellan, Guillaume de Grenouille accepting their challenge. The Highborn further stated that they would be prepared to fight to the to the death in the bouts and again the Bretonnians confirmed their willingness to do likewise. [1a]

Athelwyn himself took part, slaying the young knight Jean de Ponthieu with ease. Both sides however had fared equally however, and with an equal number of kills the tourney was declared a draw. Athelwyn's plan to duel was merely a ploy however, the angered young prince betrayed the Bretonnians and unleashed a beast upon the crowd as a distraction. Meanwhile his Elves stole a sacred Bretonnian chalice, fleeing to Athel Loren the arrogan young warrior thought he had won, for he had reclaimed what he thought to be Elven artifacts...

Whilst this was true, the chalice was of Bretonnian make, and was a holy artifact of renown. The enraged people of Quenelles formed an army, led by their great baron Aloys de Montjoie. Athelwyn sent forces to disrupt and destroy the crusading army, but the Bretonnians would not be denied. Forming his own army at the Tree of Shields, Athelwyn prepared to destroy those he had stolen from. When the inevitable battle had begun, Aloys saw the elf prince leading his mighty highborn into battle. The enraged baron could not restrain himself and rode into the attack. He proved far deadlier than even the mighty Highborn, for he was a Grail Knight. The enraged Baron slew the elf with several blows from his great sword. Athelwyn's bodyguard were then able to surround and mortally wound their prince's slayer, before being killed themselves. The mighty Baron of Qunelles was dead, but he had helped ensure that the Bretonnians were victorious.

Weapons and Equipment

Athelwyn was a mighty warrior and duelist, so renowned was the young prince that he lead other Highborn into battle.


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