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Argwylon, or The Moonspring Glades is one of the twelve kingdoms of Athel Loren. It is ruled by Lord Thalandor Doomstar. The amount of magic in Argwylon far surpasses that of any other of the Forest's realms. Here, miracles and wonders are performed daily. This is one rare place in Athel Loren where records of history are kept, similar to those in Ulthuan. The elves here are also the only ones in Athel Loren that know the ancient tongue of the Eagles. However, Argwylon's elves are notoriously arrogant, and consider themselves superior to all other elves. It is a rare occurrence when an elf of another realm talks to an elf of Argwylon.[1b]

Known Features

  • The Tower of the Eternal Wood
  • Glade of the Lost
  • Waterfall Palace of the Naiad Court
  • The halls of Tal Enda Varian[1a]


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