Ioriona Tesmethal

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Ioriona Tesmethal is a Ghost Strider of the Wood Elves from the Great Forest south of the Färlic Hills. [1a]


As a child she always preferred the company of animals, spending most of her time with them in the woodlands, becoming a hunter for her clan. However she soon grew restless and bored at travelled to the human village of Lieske where she offered her services as a scout to a merchant caravan.[1a]

Able to spend much of her time in the woodland she enjoyed and with only limited interactions with her employers, she enjoyed her new role. However when the caravan was attacked by a band of mutants, the horrors she saw made her determined to help protect all against Chaos. [1a]

Ioriona returned home and learned the skills of a Ghost Strider - now she walks through Talabecland hunting the minions of Chaos. [1a]


Trust me, You won't last a week out here.

~ Ioriona.[1]


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