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Yolath is a Wood Elf Master Mage [1a] and chief mage of the Kindred of the Willows. [1d]


His ancestors led the kindred to the forest of Athel Loren. [1d]

When a large force of Bretonnians entered Athel Loren he approached the column and asked them why they had come. When they replied that they had come to seek the holy chapel of Challotte after Wood Elf knights had stolen a Chalice at a recent tourney at Quenelles, he warned them to turn back. [1a]

In the abscence of Ariel who had retreated to the Oak of Ages for the winter, he and other mages tried to restrain the warrior kindreds but they could not influence the forest itself which responded to the invaders. [1a]

The pilgrimage was indeed attacked by the Elves and spirits of the forest and at the subsequent gathering of the Kindred of the Willows, Yolath confronted Athelwyn. He further told the gathered Elves that the pilgramage was heading for an ancient Bretonnian shrine claimed long ago by the forest, a mighty and now sacred grove of willows having grown up there. [1b]

With regret he joined the defence of the grove against the invaders. [1c]

Weapons and Equipment

  • 5th Ed: Hand Weapon, Longbow, Warhawk. May have Magic Items. [1d]


You took part in their foolish games and then made the mistake of breaking their rules. That is not the Elven way Athelwyn!.

~ Yolath. [1b]


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