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Allisara was a High Elf Priestess of Lileath and the wife of Malekith. [1a]


The couple first met in the city of Tor Alessi on the Eastern frontier of the Elven Empire as the prince fought campaings against the forces of Chaos and the Orcs, forming an alliance with the Dwarfs. [1a]

Following his recovery of the Criclet of Iron, Allisara could no longer see the strands of her husbands fate and when after a month, her goddess sent her a vision, she departed from his side and seemingly vanished, even though her husband searched long and hard for her. [1a]

Millenia later, as the Witch King brooded over his defeats by Tethlis, he recieved a messenger from Athel Loren, Hrothar the Wind Lord who brought word from Allisara. Although she had made a new life with the Wood Elves, she still regretted her departure and in part blamed herself for what had befallen the elven race since then. She pledged to return to her husband’s side. Aware of his mothers jealous nature, Malekith tried to keep her return secret but she not only discovered but put in place plans to forestall the reunion. [1b]

She secretly deceived Prince Valedor on Ulthuan and ensured he led an army to confront Allisara and her escorts, slaying them all. Morathi broke the news of his wife’s death to her son, and watched as the last embers of warmth in his heart were snuffed out. [1b]


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