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File:Gnoblar Scraplauncher.jpg
A Rhinox pulling a Scraplauncher.[1]

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Rhinoxen are large, furry and horned beasts, looking like both oxes and rhinos, hence the name. They are pack animals who live in the Mountains of Mourn with the Ogres. Being so large, they are undertandably strong and resilient, with the coat of fur thick enough to deflect blows. Like Ogres and Dwarfs, it is quite slow-witted, but when it sees the nearby enemy, it will almost always charge straight at it, molesting to death anything in its way. Even larger variety exists, known as the Bull Rhinox, which easily matches the Varghulf in power.[1][2]

In Ogre Kingdoms, the Rhinoxen usually serve as a food source for the Ogres. However, some Rhinoxen are used to pull Gnoblar Scraplaunchers, while both regular and Bull Rhinoxen are used as mounts by the Ogres powerful enough to break them.[3][4]


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