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Sigismund II, known more famously as Sigismund the Conqueror reigned as Emperor of the Empire of Man from 479 IC to 505 IC. Once the Elector Count of Averland, when Emperor Sigismund was elected as Emperor of the Empire, Emperor Sigismund II renamed the city of Reikdorf into Altdorf and re-instituted the Imperial Government to the capital of the Reikland. He embarked on a grand building program within the confines of his capital city, but his real achievements during this age of conquest and prosperity was his participation in a period Imperial historians call "the Drive to the Frontiers".

His most notable campaigns includes the conquest and subjugation of the lands of the Jutonsryk, the Kingdom of the Jutones, integrating their tribal territory into the Empire and renaming it the Barony of Westerland, appointing the subjugated Jutone King as the new Elector Count.

His exploits has also included his campaigns to cross the Grey Mountains and create the "West Mark" on the Bretonnian side of the mountains and invaded the southern lands of the Border Princes (then a wild, tribal region) to found the province of Lichtenberg and built a series of castles to protect the Empire's southeastern flank. Such were his achievements that many within the Empire have given the Emperor the title as "The Conqueror" and was proclaimed the greatest Emperor since the reign of Sigmar himself. After his death at the hands of a Wyvern during Waagh! Gorbad, his son Siegfried I would later become the new Emperor of the Empire.

Notable Feats

  • He also defeated the Red Waaagh! by coordinating all sixteen of his armies using falcon messengers.[2a]
  • He stopped Norse raids into the heart of the Empire by building castles along the River Reik.[3a]


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