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The Sentinels are a pair of mountainous rock formations or standing stones which stand in the wind-swept eastern region of the Dark Lands known as the Howling Wastes.[1a]

Despite the proximity of the Sentinels to the Black Fortress and the Daemon's Stump, the surroundings are the only area of relative safety anywhere in the region. [1a]

The Sentinels overlook the Ivory Road, the longest and most important trade route in the known world, which extends from the Old World, crossing through the hazardous east into Grand Cathay. The Sentinels act as a trading post for furs, provisions and other equipment necessary for continuing the trek through the approaching Mountains of Mourn. [1a]

The formations, sheer faced and eroded by countless years of winds and harsh weather, are heavily inhabited, both by humans, Ogres and Gnoblars.[1a]

The place is ruled over by the Ogre Tyrant Malron Eyebiter from the Eyebiter Tribe.[1b]


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