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The Ogres of the Ogre Kingdoms are organized into many different tribes.

List of tribes

The Feastmaster Tribe

The well-fed lowlanders of the feastmasters are famouse for two things, the quality of their food and for the halflings that live amongst them. Their heavily howled tyrant Blaut Featsmaster captures an entire string of the small folk on his travels and in an supreme foresight and self-control, brought them home for the lads instead of eating them then and there. The halfling in perpetual fear of ending up in their belly fulfill much the same role as the gnoblars do in other tribes, hoffing and puffing as they fetch and carry for their contented masters. But as long as the food they prepare tastes good, they are in little danger. For who knows their way around food better than an halfling

The Tribe of Shrewd Fulg

Shrewd Fulg is a hunchback and grizzeld old tyrant who, although far from the strongest of his peers, is a cunning and vile as a serpent. He rules the lands North-west of Mountains of Mourn with an iron fist, ensuring those under him will never rise above him, for those who attracts his attention will quickly find them self eating poisonous food or falling victim to the many foul monstrosities in his menagerie. The Ogres under him dare not even break wind in his presence for Shrewd Fulg will not abide to any challenge to his authority and will have any who crosses him turned into a Rat Ogre at the first opportunity . As he has strong ties to the beastmasters of Clan Moulder, even his Irongut bodyguard live in fear of waking up to find them self turned into something terrible by the master molders of Clan Moulder.

The Eyebiter Tribe

The Eyebiters have been monitoring the safe passages of the Empire's great caravans for over sixty years. The tightest knit of all the Ogre kingdoms,the Eyebiters have been ruled over by the infamous Grandfather Malron Eyebiter, rumored to have sired more offsprings than any other Ogre. The close family ties of the Eyebiters are a great advantage to their deals with the Empires traders, and they rule the Badlands way pot of the sentinels with uncompromising force. It is said that to ask a favor from an Eyebiter is to put your self in very deep debt indeed, and tales of double crossing caravan masters who have been found decapitated, the errant head found in their own horse's feed bag the following morning.

The Great Tribe of Gruth Spawnchomper

In the far northern waste of the world under the watchful eye of the Chaos Gods, the Great Tribe of Gruth Spawnchomper attack and devour anything that they can find. many of the great times have come to bear the mark of chaos in someway, but there is no stigma against this in Ogre society - an extra arm is regarded as extremely useful, where as a extra head is a district advantage in an eating contest. Gruth himself long ago developed a taste for fried spawn tentacle, and his unusual diet have begun to take its toll: not only have he grown a crown of gesticulating fingers across his forehead, but he has also begun to bring the legendary Dragon Ogres much maligned of the Ogrekind in general into his tribe.

The Lazarghs Tribe

The Lazarghs are one of the oldest Ogre tribes, descending from Groth Onefinger himself, the first prophet of The Great Maw. Living on the desolate out skirts of what used to be their homelands, the Lazarghs are twisted and malformed creatures, permanently wrapped in filthy sackcloths. With piercings and chains studding their flesh. They are extremly devout regarding The Great Maw as their tyrant, and the sound of their bell haunt the passes that lead to The Great Maw itself. Having lost their hair and teeth to the debilitating energy of that blasted land they once called home the Lazarghs hammer black rocks into their gums, lending them a horrifying appearance.


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