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Cythral, the Wildwood is located in the south-east corner of Athel Loren near the Pine Crags.

It is a shadowy, twisted place even in comparison to the rest of the forest. It remains sealed to the Wood Elves, as if the forest does not wish them to enter the strange and hostile area, and any who do wander into the Wildwood are never seen again. Ever since the betrayal in IC -625 the Treeman Coeddil has resided in the Wildwood, caged by magic waystones by Ariel.

Occasionally during particularly long and hard winters, Shadow Feys stir from The Wildwood in an attempt to claim the Oak of Ages for themselves, but have always been thwarted by the Elves. The nature of the Shadow Feys is unknown, but they seem to be dark Forest Spirits who resent the Wood Elves. Whatever they are, if they are able to claim the Oak of Ages there is no telling what will become of Athel Loren.

The elves of Cythral, led by Lady Draya the Nighthawk, live not in the Wildwood, but outside its fence. It is their eternal duty to make sure none of the waystones are felled, and to replace them if they are.


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