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Addaioth is the God of the All-Consuming Flame. He can be ranked as the least subtle of all the Elven gods and prefers direct and forceful solutions to any obstacle placed in his path.

The Bringer of Wrath and Fire is a being of monstrous pride and unbridled power. When Ellinill set about devouring his offspring, most fled or attempted to hide. Addaioth did neither, but met his ebon sire in battle. For three days and three nights, son matched father blow for blow in a conflict that shook the heavens and drowned the mortal world in flame. Addaioth knew that he was overmatched, but his hubris made concession unthinkable, and his anger lent him the strength to fight on. Nonetheless, it was a battle that Addaioth could not win. He was sure to have been vanquished had not Ladrielle, Lady of Mists, blinded Ellinill and spirited Addaioth away to the mortal world.

As the millenia passed, Addaioth healed from the grievous wounds he suffered that day, but he has never forgiven Ladrielle for interfering. He knew that the other gods believed him to have fled the field, and the shame of it hangs heavy on him. Even so, the Bringer of Wrath and Fire knows he is destined to fight his father once again, and spares no effort in preparing for that inevitable battle. He labours beneath the mountains, crafting new weapons to aid his victory. Alas, Addaioth is a poor smith and too proud to ask Vaul for aid, thus every blade he creates is flawed beyond redemption. With each failure, his anger grows, causing the ground to quake and lava to flow. In Naggaroth, the Dark Elves see fire burst from the mountaintops and know that the Bringer of Wrath and Fire has forged another crooked sword.[1]

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