Anath Raema

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Anath Raema
Titles Savage Huntress
Domains Hunting, Jealousy
Type Elf Goddess
Affiliation Dark Elves
Relatives Khaine (brother)
Followers Elves

Anath Raema, the Savage Huntress is a Elvish deity, the sister of Khaine and who holds the position of being the goddess of the savage hunt. [3b]

It is believed that she instilled the joy of the chasing and killing victims to the Dark Elves with the identity of their prey not being of importance. Instead, the blood thirsty goddess enjoys the thrill of the hunt with any living being prey to her. [3b]

She is said to hold a belt with the hands and heads of the hunters that called upon her aid but never thanked her for her assistance. Anath Raema is said to have made advances to Kurnous only to be spurned by him which is why she is also seen as the patron of jealous lovers who hunts down those that have wronged her followers.[1] [3b]

She became jealous of the father of Dragons Draugnir spending his time at the court of Asuryan and hunted him down and killed him. [2]


The Dark Elf city of Clar Karond has many shrines to the goddess, even outnumbering those of Khaine and it is she who the armies of the city call upon when they go to war. In addition, in Naggaroth one of the four seasons of the year is named in her honour - Savagery. [3a]


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