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Lucan and Luccina are divine twins and the patron deities of Luccini, a Tilean city-state.

According to ancient legend the two twins became lost in the wilderness, and sought refuge in a cave located in a mount, the location an abandoned High Elf colony. The cave was the lair of a mutant female leopard with two heads and three tails, who adopted them and over time killed several Orcs, wolves, bears and Trolls to protect the two children.

One of the heads of the leopard could speak prophecies while the other spoke warnings. As the children were later found by shepherds the leopard prophesied that the twins would found a great city and rule it as king and queen. The other head warned that the descendants of the twins would fight each other for the rulership of the realm. Afterwards the leopard disappeared.

Fulfilling the prophecy, the twins managed to gain leadership over a pastoral tribe and founded the city of Luccini among the ruins of the ancient High Elf colony. Eventually a temple to the divine twins was built over the Leopard's cave.

It is also know that Luccina was a sorceress and that the most common symbol of the cult is the leopard.

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