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Drakira, the Queen of Vengeance, is the Elven Goddess of Retribution, and daughter of Ellinill, Lord of Destruction. No affection binds them, for theirs was ever a family bound together only by a shared delight in the suffering they could inflict upon the mortal Elves. Indeed, Drakira was often mocked by her brothers and sisters, for theirs was the power to wreak destruction on a grand scale, whilst hers were subtler gifts whose wicked fruits bloomed only with patient tending.

When Isha wept for the woes Ellinill's children inflicted upon the Elves, Drakira saw an opportunity. It was she who shaped Isha's tears of mourning into bitter shards, who stoked the mother goddess' grief until her desire for retribution burned bright. Thus did Drakira, frailest of the Ellinilli, bring about the fall of her siblings. Those who survived the horror Isha's grief unleashed were ever careful never to offend their sister again.

All Dark Elves know this story, and are careful to treat the Queen of Vengeance with the respect her family denied her. They believe that she looks favourably upon her vendetta with the High Elves, for what goddess of retribution could possibly deny a people so badly wronged? The truth is, of course, that Drakira supports the Elves of Ulthuan and Naggaroth in equal measure. The desire for vengeance burns bright on either side of the ocean, and the Queen of Vengeance has no need to take sides. She lends her aid to an Elf in whom the desire for retribution burns bright, regardless of rank or rightness of cause. There is always a price, of course. No act of vengeance leaves the perpetrator entirely as he was, and a bargain with Drakira inevitably costs the supplicant more than he ever intended to give.

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