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Khaine Lord of Murder

Khaine Lord of Murder is the patron god of assassins in the Old World. The younger brother and enemy of Morr, his worshippers are hunted down and persecuted but he is nevertheless a member of the local pantheon of the gods.


Khaine is portrayed as a fanged squatting being with four arms each holding a dagger. His sacred colours are black and red, which symbolise night, death and blood. His symbols are a scorpion and a wavy-bladed dagger. These symbols are displayed by his followers only in the most subtle manner, worked into the design of jewellery and the adornment of weapons [1].


Khaine is the dread Lord of Murder. It is said that he is jealous of his elder brother Morr's rulership over the world of the dead and that he builds his own dark realm through the souls of those murdered and sacrificed in his name.

His cult has no special holy days as any day is as good as any for murder.


Khaine is worshipped by assassins, footpads, and others who are devoted to death and murder.

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