Ancestor God

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Grungni god of mining and smiths
Valaya goddess of healing, the Hearth and brewing
Grimnir the Fearless warrior god

The Dwarfs worship and honour the Ancestor Gods who were born at the heart of the first mountains, the three most revered are Grimnir, Grungni and Valaya. [1a]

List of Ancestor Gods


  • Grungni: god of mining and stoneworking, husband of Valaya. [1a]
  • Valaya: goddess of healing, the hearth and brewing. [1a]
  • Grimnir: the Fearless, warrior god, brother of Grungni and husband of Valaya. [1a]


  • Gazul, Lord of the Underearth and protector of the Dwarf dead, younger brother of the three Major gods. [1a]
  • Smednir, Shaper of Ore, son of Grungni and Valaya. [1a]
  • Thungni, Ancestor God of Runesmiths, younger son of Grungni and Valaya. [1a]
  • Morgrim, Ancestor God of Engineers, son of Grimnir and Valaya. [1a]

Ancestor Cults

In addition to the main Ancestor Gods, the dwarfs also worship their own direct ancestors and everyday life will often include rituals to gain their approval. [1a]

Chaos Dwarfs

The Chaos Dwarfs seem to worship only Hashut the Father of Darkness.