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Domains Conjuration, Dark Magic
Type Elf Goddess
Affiliation Dark Elves
Relatives Atharti (sister)
Followers Elves

Hekarti is the Elven Goddess of Conjurations and Dark Magic. [1a]

She sees all the Winds of Magic and has six arms to carry her sacred accountrements -- a serpent-headed staff, a beating heart, a scorpion, a broken arrow, a serrated dagger and a phial of orphan's tears. [1a]

Unlike many of her kind, Hekarti pays close attention to the desires of the Elves. She is ever locked in jealous contest with her twin sister Atharti, the goddess of Pleasure, and resents her sway over mortals. It was supposedly this rivalry that first enticed Hekarti to grant wisdom to Morathi. That said, the Hag Sorceress has always kept her devotions to the two sisters in careful balance -- Naggarothi legends have many grim examples of what happens to those who favour one above the other.[2]


She attempted (and failed) to sacrifice Atharti to a older and darker power than herself with a blade, a shard of which flew off into the world of mortals. It was found by the Sorceress Khaeleth the Seeress who used it to assist in her rise to power within the Dark Convent. [2a]

Hekarti and Vaul created eight rings of power for Khaine, each gathering one of the Winds of Magic, but also informed Atharti of the gods new treasure and who attempted to seduce them away from him. Eventually, she resorted to violence and during the conflict, the rings were lost into the material world. [3a]


She has no shrines, save for a small temple within Ghrond's Dark Convent. With her favour, the Sorceresses are able to call upon the full power of the Winds of Magic, but there is always a price to be paid, although Hekarti does not care who pays the price, only that it is paid. [1a]

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