Ereth Khial

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Ereth Khial
Titles The Pale Queen,
Type God
Affiliation Elves

Ereth Khial, The Pale Queen, is a Goddess from the Elven pantheon, considered the supreme ruler of Mirai (the underworld). She is the mother of Nethu.[1a]


Ereth Khial is considered chief among the Cytharai, the gods of the underworld, and second in power only to Asuryan.[1a]

In the days before the Everqueen, Ereth Khial attempted unsuccessfully to seduce Asuryan and was cast out of heaven. In her rage, she stole the souls of the Elves and imprisoned them in the black pit. It is said if ever Ereth Khial is angered again she will raise the dead, who will outnumber the living and eat them.[2]

Interestingly, Ereth Khial offers Elves an alternative afterlife, rather than falling prey to thirsting Slaanesh. The Pale Queen will eagerly send her Rephallim to steal the souls of Elves. However this must be done quickly, and when the Dark Prince's gaze is averted, for he will not permit anyone to pilfer scraps from his table.[1a]

In Ulthuan worship of Ereth Khial is considered a sign of mental instability, and so those High Elves who do court her favour do so privately. If they were found out, they would be exiled or imprisoned. Even still, the priesthood of Ereth Khial has never completely disappeared from Ulthuan. Instead of open worship, most High Elves wear plants like wyrdroot or blackhame in a superstitious attempt to avoid her attention.[1a]

The Dark Elves have no such reservations. Having no waystones or spirit trees to save their souls, many openly worship Ereth Khial and court her favour making her a very popular diety in Naggaroth. After all, an eternity of torment as a soul-slave in The Pale Queen's armies must be better than the oblivion that awaits, should one's soul fall into the clutches of Slaanesh. Rumour has it that Ereth Khial greatly desires the soul of Malekith, and would have him as her consort and war leader when she leads her final assault upon the world.[1b]


The Rephallim are the most feared minions of Ereth Khial. Rephallim are invisible winged wraith-like creatures who are sent to snatch Elven souls, and work to keep them imprisoned in Mirai for eternity. In Ulthuan, the worshippers of Ereth Khial will sometimes perform ceremonies asking the Goddess for favours. These rites often involve using effigies and talismans (including bits of the victim's hair, blood or belongings) and asking Ereth Khial to send the Rephallim to steal the souls of their enemies and rivals: often high-ranking officials and mages.[2] The High Elves believe that if a Waystone is destroyed, the souls will usually be captured by the Rephallim and taken to Mirai.[1a]

In Athel Loren, home of the Wood Elves, Ereth Khial's Rephallim escape from the Wildwood, and prey upon the Tree Kin, whose sturdy souls are greatly valued by The Pale Queen.[3]

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