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Deities are mystical forces who may shape the lives of mortals who may worship them in turn across the Warhammer World. [1a]

Ancestor Worship

In the Empire, this is sometimes linked to the Old Faith, it can also be seen as perilously close to Necromancy. Families venerate their real or imagined ancestors, give thanks to them and seek their protection. Some followers of a deity may themselves become venerated either officially via their Cult or through grass-roots phenomena. [1b]

Ancient Spirits

Some powerful beings have manifested in the world in specific locations and can be shaped by mortals perceptions of that area. Thus a terrain feature may often have a associated spirit but the same is true of old castles, ruins and houses. Limited in their power but with peerless knowledge of their own area, they are still worshipped by some humans, especially in Kislev. [1b]

Chaos Powers

The Dark Gods of Chaos are varied, myriad - perhaps even infinite, constantly struggling to gain mastery over the others. There are also legends that all are but aspects of a single being given various names including: He Who Must Not Be Named, The Great Abomination, The Great Unnameable One, The Lord of Chaos, The Unspeakable Shapless Beast. Mortals and scholars that dare to debate such an entity quickly draw the attention of the creatures of Chaos and are dragged from the physical realm to continue their dicussions in the fires of the Chaos Hells with Daemons! [2a]

There are four known Great Powers of Chaos: Khorne, the Blood-God, Nurgle, the Plague God, Slaanesh, the Lord of Pleasure and Tzeentch, the Changer of the Way. Below them are many many lesser powers and Daemons and it can be difficult to draw a line between the more powerful Daemons and a weaker god especially since many Daemons will proclaim themselves as gods if they mght be believed. [2a]

In most lands, worship of the Chaos Gods is regarded with horror and must be conducted in secret. [3b]

And at the heart of darkness, shrouded and unclear, stand the Powers of Chaos, locked in a hated lover's embrace and moving to a ceaseless dance of death in the souls of the weak. Now one leads and then another in the pavane of evil, a stately measure played out to the beating of human hearts. The shrieks of the mindless and the suffering are its joyous melody. Still the gods dance, and their bellows of delight shake the wrold.

~ . [2b]

Minor Gods

There a myriad number of lesser deities who often have a limited domain, few adherents, limited to a small area or simply have become unfashionable. They are often considered subservient to major gods and may be described or considered children or relatives of them. [1c]


Humanity in the Old World was once united in worshipping Ishernos and its pantheon of minor gods and spirits, drawn to the stone circles that they discovered across the land they created what is now known as the Old Faith. [1b]

For most Old Worlders, everything that occurs is either the result of divine actity or at least is subject to divine intervention. Consequently it is essential to show the gods proper respect, to show disrespect to any deity, even if they are evil is to court disaster. [3a]

Temples and Shrines

A centre of worship for a deity although there is no such thing as a typical temple. Shrines tend to connected to a formal temple but often do not have a resident priest. [3a]


From long-dead, barely remembered ancestors, to capricious spirits, minor deities, and the most powerful gods; they all have this single thing in common. They do not necessarily impart power to mortals, though of course they could do this. No; they depend on our worship. They must therefore be our servants, not we, theirs.

~ Reichardt D'Auckgnes, deceased - struck by lightning. [1a]


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