Lothar Bubonicus

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Lothar Bubonicus is a Daemon Prince of Nurgle.[1a] He is also known as the Flylord of Nurgle.

The saga of his struggle on the path of Chaos and ascension to daemonhood is inscribed upon a monolith in the Chaos Wastes.[1a]


Lothar eventually achieved daemonhood by championing the cause of his patron Nurgle. His success was exceptional, as most who set out upon the path of power are slain in battle, or fail to achieve their final goal before their accumulated mutations reduce them to Chaos Spawn.

Lothar swore himself to the service of Chaos when his entire village was wiped out by plague. He believed he was spared because of his oath to Nurgle, but in fact he had survived due to his almost supernatural physical constitution. He gained his first followers when he befriended a band of Beastmen, who recognized him as chosen by Nurgle and accepted him as their Champion. When Lothar was afterwards captured by witch hunters, who tortured and then tied him to a stake to be burned, his followers emerged from the forests, hacking through the men to rescue him. After years of constant struggle he fought and won a final battle near the Glades of Nurgle in the Chaos Wastes, where the sight of his victory finally attracted the eye of Nurgle who was pleased and bestowed upon him the status of daemonhood.[1a]


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