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Aenarion and his faithful dragon Indraugnir
Aenarion the Defender

Aenarion the Defender was the first Phoenix King of the Elves and their greatest hero during the Coming of Chaos. Both High Elves and Dark Elves claim to be the true inheritors of his legacy.


The first Phoenix King, driving back the daemons

Eventually, the polar warp gates built by the Old Ones collapsed and raw Chaos flooded into the world. Armies of malevolent daemons began rampaging across Ulthuan and though the Elves fought valiantly, none of the kingdoms of Ulthuan could withstand the tide of Chaos ALONE. A hero arose called Aenarion, who begged the Phoenix God Asuryan to save the Elves. Aenarion offered himself up as a sacrifice, and walked through the eternal flame at the Shrine of Asuryan. However, miraculously, Aenarion emerged unburnt and the Elves crowned him the first Phoenix King. Aenarion married the Everqueen of Avelorn, Astarielle, and they had two children, Yvraine and Morelion. United under their Phoenix King, the elves fought valiantly, driving back daemons and there was peace for a time.

Tragedy, second campaign and peace

However, the daemons eventually returned and a Greater Daemon of Slaanesh called N'Kari murdered Astarielle. Aenarion also thought his children were dead, but they had been taken into hiding in Avelorn by the Treeman Oakheart. Distraught, Aenarion travelled to the Blighted Isle in northern Ulthuan, and thence to the Shrine of Khaine in the Isle's center where he drew the Sword of Khaine. This was a weapon of terrible power, meant to be wielded by the Gods, and drawing it cursed his family line forever. With the power of Khaine, Aenarion fought like a demigod, driving back the daemons once more. During this, he rescued an elven woman called Morathi captured by Slaaneshi forces. Aenarion was captivated by her beauty. Soon they married and had a son: Malekith. Aenarion held court in the Kingdom of Nagarythe on Ulthuan's west coast, one of those most affected by the war against the daemons. In spite of his new marriage and son, Aenarion's mood continued to darken.

Aenarion met Caledor Dragontamer, the greatest mage of the elves and ruler of the Kingdom of Caledor. Caledor had travelled over the sea and met the Dwarfs, learning from them about the chaos gate in the north, from which the raw power of magic spewed, empowering the daemons of chaos. Caledor related this information to Aenarion and also provided him with his great Dragon steed Indraugnir.

Last stand

The Daemons now assaulted in greater numbers than ever and Aenarion left to battle them again. Despite having the power of both Asuryan and Khaine, it was a losing battle. The power of Chaos could not be undone through battling the hordes of daemons, as the immortal creatures would simply return later. Caledor had devised a plan to create a vortex to siphon away the raw magical energy flowing into the world at the poles. The four squabbling Chaos Gods had realised the danger this posed to their plans, and forged a rare alliance, sending united armies of daemons to converge on the Isle of the Dead, where the ritual was to take place.

Aenarion held back the tide while Caledor and his mages worked their great ritual. It was in the midst of this titanic battle that four Greater Daemons of Chaos converged on Aenarion and Indraugnir. A mighty Bloodthirster of Khorne, the Tzeentchian Lord of Change Kairos Fateweaver, a Great Unclean One of Nurgle and, on behalf of Slaanesh, N'kari., all of whom sought to destroy the champion. The Daemons were mighty, but Aenarion fought like a god and struck down all the abominations, taking a mortal wound in the process. However, Aenarion's desperate final stand had bought Caledor enough time, and the ritual succeeded. Without magical energy to sustain them, the Daemon armies vanished, cast back into the warp from whence they came. Clinging to life, Aenarion and Indraugnir flew back to the Altar of Khaine on the Blighted Isle, and plunged the Widowmaker into it, before collapsing and dying.


Without the noble sacrifice of Aenarion, Caledor would have been interrupted and the Vortex would have failed. Thus, the world would have been consumed by Chaos long before the civilizations of men ever arose. Both the High Elves and the Dark Elves claim kinship with Aenarion, and both revere him highly. Malekith, Aenarion's son by Morathi, still lives and leads the Dark Elves as the dreaded Witch King. Among the High Elves are the twin brothers Tyrion and Teclis, descended from either Morelion or Yvraine. Tyrion is the greatest warrior of the High Elves and wears the Dragon Armour of Aenarion, which was originally owned by his forebear. Teclis is the most powerful Elf mage alive, a rare match for even the greatest Slann of the Lizardmen.

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Warhammer Armies: High Elves (6th Edition) mentions a High Elf festival celebrating Aenarion's sacrifice and refers to him as "Aenarion Everbrave".Needs Citation


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