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N'Kari is a Keeper of Secrets, a Greater Daemon of Slaanesh. [1a]


A great mass of solid muscle standing half again as tall as a Elf, it has two mighty arms tipped with huge pincers and below these two smaller arms and hands. [1b]


Aenarion first slew the Daemon at Korumel in what is now Ellyrion, banishing it from the mortal world for centuries. [1a]

In 2173 IC, N'Kari begins a killing spree across Ulthuan, targeting the descendants of Aenarion - he is finally defeated and slain at the Shrine of Asuryan. [2a]

It was defeated by Teclis and again banished. [1b]

Tyrion confronted it at the Altar of Khaine and slew it once more. [1b]

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